Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday's Presentation

Saturday was a lot of fun! It started off with Barb Chalmers sharing her heart and how she asked God to USE HER GIFTS to bless others. He heard her and with HIS help, the "Be A Blessing" Design Team was created.

The room was packed full of beautiful ladies! We ran out places to sit and had to hunt down additional chairs so that everyone had a place to sit. We were blown away!

There's no doubt that the ladies in attendance were inspired by Amy's creative projects! We will share those photos and creative ideas with you later on today, so keep on following along.

 Decorating with fresh greens 
(inspiring ideas from Amy)

Creative "Pumpkin" ideas. 
Come back tomorrow for photos and info!

JoEllen was the Pumpkin Model! ;)

Rebecca shared her gift of hospitality and how it is important to feel comfortable and happy in our space (home) before we can invite others in.

She shared a neat little story of a nearby neighbor lady who invited her into her home. She left that day filled with inspiration! If you were there on Saturday, I am sure you were touched by this story.

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