Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspiration by Amy -- APPLES

Apples, Apples, Apples ...

We are thinking of auctioning off a "measuring tape" table runner (just like this one) to help raise funds for our next room makeover!... what do you think?

Sooo delish, yet sooo simple! Everybody so far LOVES it... tonight will be the third night in a row that i make it!!! thank you Rebecca :)

After school snack for one of my sons and a cousin... they loved it!

Next day... after school snack for other son and his friend... they loved it too! notice the friend getting every last drop ;)

I used my husbands organic apples... I call the orchards his "mistress" because he spends so much time out there;)... sometimes even cross pollinating;)

This is the younger orchard... These chickens have free range and are here to help take care of buggy pests... aaand provide delicious healthy eggs... and entertainment and jobs for the cousins :)

HONEY CRISP... great for cider!

LIBERTY... my fave for a tart delicious apple sauce.

just perty...

Cider time!!!

This is a cool antique press the brothers found on Craig's List... just needed a few modern tweaks...

... up and running the old fashioned way :)

getting started...

a family affair...

adorable nieces helping out... here comes the cider!!!

I'm serious... if you know where I live drop by!... JoEllen (our design team FB and blog expert/administrator ;)) stopped by yesterday for a glass :) ... I love drop in visits, expectations (for a perfect house and gourmet food) are low ;)

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