Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Inspiration By Barb

This is a beautiful and sophisticated way to carve pumpkins, or should I say drill pumpkins. Have a fire in the backyard, invite some dear friends over and celebrate Fall with some great pumpkins in the distance! Makes for a memorable evening :)

Look like a pro! Use some of your favorite cookie cutters or maybe get a few new ones for fall. Tap a cookie cutter in a thinly hollowed out pumpkin. You might have to clean up the corners with a carving tool but the results will be well worth it! Have fun!

Need a touch of Fall at your next cook out? Try this, it's functional and fun!

House numbers, no carving necessary! Take some yellow paint and from a distance it looks carved!

I'm not sure why, but every time I see this it makes me smile:) so I thought I would share it! It takes black construction paper and then cut out some eyes Ha! Or should I say Boo! (my 4 year old loves it!)

This was done with kids Puff paint. You can get this at Walmart or any crafty place.This was a fun process for me. First I took a light marker and drew out my swirls, then I went back over it with little dots of puff paint. So relaxing and they're beautiful when your done! Instead of the swirls you can also write out WELCOME and set it by the front door!

This is so easy! Pull the old flowers out of your Urns. Place a big old pumpkin in the middle. Start snipping your Hydrangea bushes and Boxwood Bushes (even if they are getting a little brown) tuck them around your pumpkin and Wa La. Love this!

This is my twist on a few things we've shown on here. All it took was an urn, our house numbers, and then I threw a little puff Paint in! I love that stuff Ha! ha! This is outside my garage and yes some of my hydrangeas are dead, but it looks ok from the road ;)

The next few photos, I will show you some of the pumpkins I created. I had fun with paint and also upholstery tacks.

More fun with paint!

I included mini pumpkins in my vases

This was the closest thing I could think of to copy that carved/scared pumpkin. I wrote the word out with a light marker then I cut pieces the right size and hot glued them on. Since the pumpkin was a light green it didn't show up very well
 so I took some brown paint and smeared it on the twine! But, if I remember soon enough next year I assure that I will be out in a pumpkin patch somewhere carving a green pumpkin!

Bon Appetit!!! I love how this turned out!

I saw this and had to make it, but after a little research I found out these pumpkins are lightly carved when they are green in the fields. Then when they grow, they scare which results in this awesome effect. Hummm so I wasn't about to give up yet, so this is what I came with in a pinch. Check out the next pictures:)

This is where my THANKFUL pumpkin lives. This is my mantle and my house is a little tricky to decorate for fall because of all the light colors. So I decided to go with white pumpkins. Of course I could not leave well enough alone because 
of my (decorating) sickness;) so I added upholstery tacks to them, oh yes some silver and gold paint, some twigs and greens in a vase.... That's kind of how it happens! And now I feel better Ha!

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