Friday, September 21, 2012

A word from Rebecca Miller---The Importance of Hospitality:

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I never really made a big distinction between entertainment and hospitality until the day I met Mattie Miller. I used to walk past her house every morning. Every time the florescent light would be turned on in her kitchen. I could see that light from the road. It was like a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I’d walk by. I often thought, “How fun! I would love to  someday sit in her kitchen”.  Well...

One morning, I took my walk a bit later than normal. This time when I walked by Mattie’s house, she  was out in her yard, so I decided it would be nice to talk with her. Eventually, I explained to her how the light in her kitchen warmed my heart as I walked by every morning. She then said that she thought the kitchen would love to get to know me, so we made arrangements and met the following week. I walked in and the kitchen looked much like I would have visualized. Linoleum on the floor, yellow oil cloth on the table, chrome chairs with yellow backs and seats. Well, you get the idea. It was the typical kitchen that your grandma would have in her home....all of it has remained unchanged for many years. Maxwell house coffee and wonder white bread sat on her kitchen counter. She served me coffee and French toast. I think it was the best I have ever had. (*SMILE*) We sat down across from each other...she was 84, I was 46...our worlds were totally different, both culturally and almost in every other way. But then she changed my life...she reached across the table and held my hand and prayed for me. Wow, I started tearing up. I was thinking, “This lady doesn't even know who I am but yet she is praying for God to bless me!”. thought, “She really gets it”.  She was completely comfortable in her nest/home, because she was connected to something so much bigger. Well, that breakfast at 7 in the morning started almost 6 years ago, and we still meet to this day! We meet every other Thursday and have breakfast at 7 in the morning. 

Hospitality is the "pursuit of strangers". Meaning, I am here to meet you at the heart, accept and love you in Jesus name and nothing else. The Bible says older women should teach younger women to be hospitable. Mattie doesn’t compete with me, she encourages me in my Christian walk and wants to really hear whats happening in my life. She has taught me so many great truths from the word of God and prays daily for me. She understands that as a Christian, hospitality isn't an option, but it is our responsibility to open our homes to those whose paths we cross. We need to offer them a "Place to Belong". Meeting Mattie has encouraged me to do the same to those ladies younger than me. A home isn't meant to be a place to showcase what you have, but a place that you love! A place where the food doesn't have to be gourmet. Its all about having the time in a busy schedule, to sit across the table with another precious person, to be able connect and make a difference in their life. Remember what we do now, is what we will think about when we are old. 

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