Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Debbi's Makeover this weekend! April 26 and 27th!

O.k. Everyone, I can't even sleep as my head races with even more ideas for Debs house. Ahhh must stop. LOL. Seriously, it's Go time! I must continue to paint things even pick up a few more key pieces, oh my! The garage is full of EMPTY Ikea books:) thanks to my son Phillip that has worked on those pieces before and after work all week! I continue to get calls and messages from people that have huge hearts and want to help in some way! God continues to move in people's hearts so that He might love on Deb in a HUGE way! Humbled by it all really:) better get to sleep so I can hit the road running in the morning! If you want to help with the Debbie Hoxworth makeover, it is this Friday (April 26) and Saturday (April 27). We get started at 9 each morning and Friday night we (or at least I)  will be there into the late evening! We also have are special operations ;) paint team starting Thursday morning to get a jump on every thing! I haven't even met these people yet but they are taking two days off work to do this!! Just AMAZING! O.K. THAT'S RIGHT I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP NOW!

Contact me if you are interested in helping!!!

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