Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blessings and Miracles

The last few days have been FULL of blessings and miracles for this upcoming makeover! Where to start? An email came in from someone saying they would like to pay for all the paint and also they had a group of painters who would take care of everything including taking all the border off the day before (which I was a little stressed about). Someone works at a hotel and went to their boss and got two nights free, so Deb and the kids can stay there during the makeover (it has a pool for the kids and they are EXCITED)! Then someone offered a day of beauty for Deb, which is what I always wanted to do but was out of resources! Then someone called and offered a piece of furniture that is beyond perfect!! Ya! This morning I got carpet for cost! Which is so exciting for two reasons, first we can get carpeting for Deb and a few weeks ago I got a call from a nurse asking me if this Design Team could help a hospice patient of hers. I proceeded to tell her we just do this once a year and don't really have funds for anything but the makeovers we chose some time ago. But I ask her a few questions. She told me of a women who has upper respiratory cancer and lives in a condemned trailer with carpet full of cat urine and other pet smells. She said she lives there alone because it is all she can afford and she poured bleach on it to try to make it better. The more she told me the more my heart broke and thought no one should leave this earth that way! I said leave me your info and we will pray! Guess what, the carpet place will give us the same deal for her! How awesome is that! Thank you for all those precious hearts out there that have stepped forward to love those you don't even know! That is where the true joy of life is! I can't wait to see what God does with all this! Stay tuned!


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