Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little bit more info...

For those who want to know a little more:  I (Barb) am in Florida doing a Makeover for Sherry Gore. Google her she is amazing, funny and a new friend of mine. Sherry is an author, storyteller and has been featured on TV for her art of cooking Etc... She is funny and full of life! The Today Show is featuring her on a cooking segment on their show. They are coming to her house to film this Friday! Exciting stuff, but like many of us Sherry wanted a quick makeover of her kitchen to be ready for the BIG DAY. So some how God connected us. I bought my ticket Sunday and Monday morning she picked me up from the airport! Two complete strangers with many things in common plus a goal to make her kitchen a reflection of who she is! Fun, fun we are a day into it! Check out some pics:) p.s. she specializes in PIES and hopes to open a pie store someday called, ME MYSELF AND PIES. Mark my words she will be famous! :) TODAY, Amy Schlabach hopped on a plane and surprised me!! So, she is here to help me!!! Lena is here too!!! What fun!

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