Friday, January 18, 2013

Room Makovers

The time has come for the Room Makeovers! We are so excited as we are in the planning stages for these beautiful rooms. So stay tuned as we begin to give a sneak peak of Debbi and Julie's new spaces. We will start the actual makeovers at the end of February. If any of you out there enjoy this type of thing and would like to get in on the fun please leave us a comment or message us on our Facebook Page. We will need a small army to get these projects done so don't miss out on the fun! We would love to get to know you and make new friends:) for those of you that aren't up for that yet, keep watching! We will be giving you some great money saving design ideas. Watch us on Facebook (click logo button on sidebar)! We can't wait to meet some of you and work along side of you as we try to Bless two awesome women.

-Barb Chalmers

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