Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seeking nominations for a new design makeover!

The Blessing Design Team is seeking nominations for a new design makeover.

We want to find that woman who deserves a hand up, a soft place to land, and a whispered word of encouragement - someone to love on! There are those among us who have the gift of lifting others up with their selfless hands, nary a word of complaint to be heard from their lips. They have a habit of making small the big things in their lives that would bring others to their knees. We seek someone deserving.

We want the names of these ladies, these bringers-of-light to a weary world. We want to shower them with something special - a bright space they can rest in that shuts out the cares of their world and brings them peaceful hours. We want the names of those who would make a meal for someone else when their fridge might be near to empty, and the ones who find the positive light in a dark day. We seek these nominations so we might choose to bless someone. Someone who puts others first, though the season they’re in be their stormiest.

Please contact someone from the Blessing Design team at or on our Facebook page. We look forward to sifting and reading through the stories to find our nominee. 

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